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3MT (Honours) Competition at ECU

Edith Cowan University gave the Honours students the opportunity to participate in the 3MT competition, without having to compete against the PhD students.

I was lucky enough to be voted through to the ECU finals, as one of two Faculty representatives.

The ECU finals were held on the 13 September 2013 and I came third place of the Honours students. The video is on YouTube along with the other two winners of the Honours competition and all of the 3MT finalists.

I found the whole process to be quite difficult, and even though I had finished my research and written up my thesis by the time the competition was upon us, I still had difficulty putting my research into only a few minutes.

I would like to thank ECU for giving me the opportunity to try the 3MT in a safe(r) environment, although it was still quite daunting to stand up and present to judges, ECU staff and PhD students.


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15 October 2013 · 9:58 AM